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About Us

Who We Are

Jon and Rizz are the founders and operators of Florida Charms Vacation Rentals. They both served Active Duty in the military with over 20 years of service combined. Jon is from Race-Land, Louisiana and grew up in Deweyville, Texas. After graduating from high school, Jon joined the military. He served active duty for 12 years as a Special Operations Combat Controller until he was medically retired from injuries after three different deployments. Jon earned multiple high level certifications that only about 10% of special operators achieve in their career, such as Combat Diver, Military Free-fall, and Army Airborne, Sniper, JTAC, and Demolitions. Jon deployed as a sole JTAC for 3rd Special Forces Group and Navy Seal Team 5 Crisis Response Force to fight ISIS in direct combat, numerous hostage rescues and high value targeting of high-ranking terrorist leaders across the Middle East. Jon also earned his license as a Real Estate broker, a Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and a B license in parachuting. He graduated from Embry-Riddle University and completed Bachelors in Aeronautics and is currently finishing his Juris Doctor.

Who We Are

Rizz, was born in the Philippines and grew up in Guam, a tiny island in the Pacific. Just like Jon, Rizz joined the U.S. Air Force after graduating from high school. Rizz served for 13 years as a Non Commissioned Officer in Force Support Squadron. She managed her own team training personnel for deployments and crisis management responses. Rizz earned her Associate in Hospitality Management and completed her Bachelors in Business Administration. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Marketing at The University of Alabama.

Who We Are

Jon and Rizz’s success in their military careers became the foundation to running a smooth and efficient real estate and vacation rental business. Their passion for their business has gained a great reputation. In turn, they started giving back to the community and helping people by guiding them with real estate investments and earning income through vacation rentals.

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